Panasonic Tablet PCs Made For People On The Go

The new range of Panasonic Tablet PCs are targeted to a specific set of users. All models in the range are branded Toughbooks. That is a good name because the computers are made to withstand tough treatment by users that require rugged mobile computers to take with them out into the field.

The Toughbooks have superior displays that appear clear and bright even in daylight. They are carefully designed to take the many knocks and bumps dealt to a computer on the move. The hard disk drive, keyboard and display panel are all well protected. Panasonic has three Toughbook collections under the banners of Medical Rugged, Business Rugged and All Rugged.

Take, for example, the Business Rugged models CF-C1 and CF-51. Of these two convertible tablet PCs, the CF-51 is the larger with a 15.1 inch display panel. It weighs in complete with one battery pack at 3.4 kgs (7.5lbs), more than twice the weight of the CF-C1 (which weighs about 1.47 kgs or 3.2 lbs). It is designed to survive liquid spills, free-fall drops and even being stepped on by a titan.

Unintentional drink spillages on a Business Rugged Toughbook model will not harm the beasts. Units have a proprietary drainage system to protect the keyboard, touchpad and other sensitive components from accidental splashes and spills. A 170ml container of liquid spilt onto the keyboard drains out through the channels, leaving the unit dry and unharmed. All electronics in the notebook remain functional.

When carried in the field, mobile computers often get accidentally dropped or they slide off their resting surface. For example, mariners at their navigation table on a pitching and rolling vessel know the horror of their computer sliding off the table and crashing to ground. The hard disk drive is most vulnerable to a fall. The CF-52 can survive 76 cm (30 inch) falls without damage to the hard disk or other electronic components.

The integrated Intel Core i5-520M processor delivers the highest calculating performance with highly efficient energy consumption. A lithium-ion battery provides up to 11 hours of operating time. The CF-31 also incorporates an anechoic chamber, being a non-echoing (or an-echoic) space designed to prevent reflection of electromagnetic waves. This design together with the dual diversity wireless antennae in the display housing combine to allow the CF-31 to deliver optimum data transfer and superior Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.

The CF-52 comes with 160GB of hard disk memory (compared to 250 GB for the CF-C1) and 2GB of main memory expandable to 8GB (DDR3 SDRAM (8 GB maximum). The central processing unit is a powerful Intel Core i5-520M (2.4 GHz, Intel Smart Cache 3 MB). The unit has got good interfacing ability with 4 USB ports, one serial port (Dsub 9-pin male), one LAN port (RJ-45) and one external display socket.

In summary, Panasonic Tablet PCs offers mobile computer users style, durability and functionality and rugged good looks for mobile computer users. As a final point users might note that, in common with most computers, the AC adaptor consumes power even if it is not connected to the computer. The AC adaptor consumes a maximum of 0.2 watts simply if it is plugged into an AC outlet without being connected to the computer.


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